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Dean/Cas Big Bang--> Art Post

Title: Once, Again, Always
Artist: objectivelypink // Medium: Photomanipulation
Author: mitsuki_shizuka
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural AU/ Romance, Angst
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, (side pairings) Castiel/OMC, John/Mary, Sam/Jess, Jimmy/Amelia, (Jensen/Misha)
Rating: R
Warnings: Drug use, swearing, graphic sex scenes, a little bit of RPS

Summary: The year Castiel turns 28, he’s got his life together: he is a professor at Yale University and a successful novelist, and he’s got an awesome boyfriend. His life is good, until childhood sweetheart Dean Winchester resurfaces in his life to win him back, after ten years of separation.

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Dean/Cas BB

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Dean/Cas BB banner
Tags: art, art: photomanip, big bang, character: castiel, character: dean winchester, fandom: supernatural
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